What is Dosember?

What is Dosember? You better sit down for this. Are you sitting? Good. IT IS DOS GAMES IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!

Every year members of the streaming community on Twitch join together to spend the entire month of December celebrating games from the era of MS-DOS on the personal computer and promoting each other's channels. Additionally, each year, we create a unique T-shirt to sell in celebration of the event. All profits from the T-shirts and other merch are put into a money pool while we take the month to find something nice to do with it for one of the members of the Retro PC community on Twitch. In previous years we have used the money to do things ranging from gifting subs to newly affiliated streamers to buying a Roland Sound Canvas 55 MKII and a custom printed hard-mpu card for a streamer who creates original midi music.


Who are the volunteers coordinating this event?

havok.png ArtyomHavok - Original event coordinator

mike.png FractalMindMike - T-shirt designer and co-coordinator

teklynk.png Teklynk - Web design