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01-01-2024 09:54:21

Also I'm here because of Gallara_Dragon! Thanks for that, Cran!


01-01-2024 09:51:36

I'm definitely going to participate in future. Absolutely loved it.


01-01-2024 09:50:59

I didn't realise about the website until right at the end of the month, but I participated and promoted DOSember nonetheless! 2023 DOSember, I streamed (in order): -Full Throttle -Simon the Sorcerer -Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis -The Legend of Kyrandia


01-01-2024 04:04:27

DOSember is one of the coolest things ever! Happy to partake with all of you and hope to next year as well! Much love and Happy new year!


12-30-2023 19:14:12

Also the guy above me is awesome!


12-30-2023 19:13:22

^ this guy is awesome!


12-15-2023 04:49:50

DOS might be forgotten by the big megacorps, but to us, it lives on to this very day. Without out, we wouldn't have Windows.


12-10-2023 07:51:07

Keep MS-DOS alive


12-08-2023 06:46:51

Beat Warcraft 1 today. Woo woo!


12-07-2023 15:59:08

posting to post never stop posting


12-07-2023 00:35:31

KuDOS to those who put this together! What a fun event, and just in time for RuDOS the red-nosed reindeer to guide SanDOS' sleigh into town! :)


12-04-2023 14:56:59

May the DOS be with you!


12-01-2023 15:47:29

Just had my first stream in years. Such a rush. Such a joy. Love you all.


11-30-2023 19:08:04

Back in 2021 when I was asked to join this event, I was excited to join such a cool event. Now in 2023 I'm amazed to see how much this celebration has grown, and am grateful for the amazing people I've met each year.


11-18-2023 19:52:19

Love that this exists & truly excited for DOS retro gaming focused to wrap up the year. Thanks Artyom & FractalMike for making this happen!


11-18-2023 17:36:56

Wise man say, "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."


11-18-2023 13:48:18

Much Love!: If you decide to play Might and Magic using the pre-programmed characters provided, you can skip this section. Much of the fun of any fantasy game, however, lies in the creation of the characters with whom you go adventuring. If you are creating characters for the first time, or need to refresh your memory on character options, read Appendix A before continuing. The information in that appendix will help you create more varied and interesting characters, who have a greater


11-15-2023 10:01:52

Its 1991. Sid Meier's Civilization is all the rage, and we're all kids again. What is this place?


11-08-2023 16:48:38

The MicroSoft Diso Operating System, an OS all other OSs must Adhere to. #DOSember


11-08-2023 11:09:15

Is there any other OS other than DOS? No? That means DOSember is year round!


11-08-2023 10:01:04

Getting pumped for DOSember!!! Troubleshooting for my eventual stream of The Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire co-op play through!!!!


11-08-2023 04:36:22

I infect the entire Net. I have spread through systems, peoples, and cities, from this place: Mainframe. My format? *Virus... * The queen of chaos! [laughs maniacally]


11-08-2023 03:39:13

Hi hi everyone! Oh my gosh, I love this guestbook! Takes me back to the good ol internet days.


11-08-2023 03:27:40

Ok so are we gonna talk about how EPIC the Dosember logo is?


11-08-2023 01:14:45

Oh hai and stuff


11-08-2023 00:43:54

Heck yeah! DOSEMBER he we goooooo!!!!


11-08-2023 00:04:53

I have nothing to say, which says everything.


11-07-2023 22:44:04

“I am the dragon without a name…” ― Κυνικός Δράκων


11-07-2023 22:41:49