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Dosember begins!


For much of the world its Dosember the 1st and it is so amazing to see all of you so excited to dust of your dos boxes, command prompts, crts, and dive into nostalgia both new and old. Some of you are so excited you even started a day or two early!

Going into the first official day of the event here are some quick numbers:

  • There are 132 Participants as of today!
  • We have sold 79 Items from the Dosember Merch store.
  • The Dosember money pool has passed $400.

All of these numbers are INCREDIBLE!

With all the growth this year we have added a small number of people to various jobs like a new Special Events Team with CaptainPeelCard, Emmxyzzy, doctorcdcs, and of course FractalMindMike. Currently they are working hard on some fun optional activities like competitions and key giveaways. There will be more news on this very soon!

The nameless team responsible for finding a meaningful way to put the money back into our community is also hard at lurk.

We have also updated every streamer's game lists on the website.

HAPPY DOSEMBER EVERYONE! It really is the best feeling to be surrounded by so many wonderful people enjoying such an awesome event!