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The Dosember merch money pool has been distributed into the community!


We raised $700 and distributed it 5 ways among these newly affiliated streamers...

Scorched Earth DOSember Cup Event Results


The results for the first DOSember event are here! We've had 13 amazing Dosemberists participate in our very first Dosember Cup event! The combat was fierce and the entertainment was awesome, you'll want to see who came through with the win in the end!

DOSember Cup Official Events


Are you a DOSemberist looking for a new way to engage with your community and the DOSember crew? We've been working hard to coordinate some amazing, fun events for you all to consider participating in.

Dosember begins!


For much of the world its Dosember the 1st and it is so amazing to see all of you so excited to dust of your dos boxes, command prompts and dive into nostalgia both new and old! Fun competitions coming soon!