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DOSember Cup Official Events


Are you a DOSemberist looking for a new way to engage with your community and the DOSember crew?
We've been working hard to coordinate some amazing, fun events for you all to consider participating in.

Scorched Earth LIVE

For those with a slight competitive streak, we have a randomly drawn LIVE Scorched Earth event. You can throw your name into the hat, and 16 participants will be drawn at random to join the live stream and compete for supremacy. The rules of the match:

  • Baby Missiles ONLY
  • No tank movement (play from spawn)
  • Single Elimination (you explode, you're out)
  • 800x600 maps (could be any of the terrains at random)
  • Players may only choose one of the first 3 tanks

Register your interest:

Hosted by @doctorcdcs and @fractalmindmike

Scorched Earth Live: 2023-12-16T06:00:00Z

Alley Cat High Score Submissions

For those of you who want to test your mettle against the machine, then we have a challenging yet entertaining event. How high a score can you reach in Alley Cat within 10 minutes?
We'll be hosting a live ceremony to acknowledge and award the winning submission, but all attempts will be recorded and hosted on your own channel. Simply highlight your attempts and submit them to this form:


Hosted by: @FractalMindMike (and whoever else we can trick into joining him)

Alley Cat High Score Cut off date: 2023-12-28T06:00:00Z

Alley Cat High Score Ceremony: 2023-12-30T06:30:00Z

Start on Kitten Difficulty

SkyRoads Live Race

Here's an event for the speedsters! If you just love to play SkyRoads or you're a real speed demon, then this is the event for you. Throughout the month you'll be able to broadcast your attempts on your channel and submit your highlighted runs using the form linked below.
The rules are simple: Complete the first 5 worlds of SkyRoads as fast as you can. First 5 Worlds are the first 15 levels of SkyRoads (the left column). The fastest submissions will qualify for the live event finals. Numbers TBD (4-6 participants, possibly up to 8?)


Hosted by: @FractalMindMike (special guest TBC)

SkyRoads Qualifiers Cut Off date: 2023-12-28T06:00:00Z

SkyRoads Live Race: 2023-12-30T08:30:00Z


It's a Doom Open Death Match. All DOSember participants are invited to join for a round or two of good clean DEATH MATCH.
We're hosting this event to bring even more of the community together for some good times. More event details to come, but be assured we're going to have a great time!
This is an open event for any DOSember participants.

During the event there will be a channel and additional details in the DOSember Discord.

Hosted by: @CaptainPeelcard and many guest hosts

Live Event: 2023-12-31T03:00:00Z


Saving the greatest event for last in this list. Here we have put together an exquisite and compelling competition for the frog lovers of DOS.
Hop your way into the event by submitting your highest scores to the form linked below. Bonus points for Frog cosplay will be considered.


Get the game:

Hosted by: @Emmxyzzy

Frosch.exe Cut off date: 2023-12-26T05:00:00Z

Frosch.exe Ceremony: 2023-12-28T05:00:00Z