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Scorched Earth DOSember Cup Event Results


We're so proud to share with you the results of the first event of the Inaugural DOSember Cup!

An amazing event made possible by the competitors braving the challenge of single elimination combat in the RNG ruled lands of Scorched Earth. Our competitors were matched up by random selection against foes with the following rules:

1. Baby missiles only
2. No fuel, no moving tanks
3. Single Elimination - if your tank explodes you're out of the tournament

Our hosts @doctorcdcs and @FractalMindMike joined the stream to share their enthusiasm for Scorched Earth combat and interview the Dosemberists. Huge shoutouts for @doctorcdcs for keeping the stream flowing while we worked to set up each new battle.


Our line up consisted of the following amazing Dosemberists:

Match 1:

Match 2:

Match 3:

Match 4:


With some amazing direct hits, and some wild explosions, undermining shots and all the chaos that comes with Scorched Earth, the final round ended up with the following Dosemberists competing for the champion title:

Final Match:


With an exciting exchange of volleys we were left with @Flaose on the high ground and @Toastee0 sitting in the floor of the valley on the left, a mountain between them. With a decisive shot from @Disthron, @Flaose had taken damage reducing the range of attacks. But @Flaose would never give up, never surrender!

The final exchange of fire ensued with @Toastee0 nailing a final attack on @Flaose with a direct hit, taking the final victory and becoming the reigning champion of Scorched Earth for Dosember.
Huge congratulations to @Toastee0 for the win. @Toastee0 is awarded a free key for a game from @GOGcom to redeem at - DRM Free games provided to us at DOSember for awards and giveaways.

Stay tuned for more DOSember Cup results this week!