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The Dosember merch money pool has been distributed into the community!


Every year we create a unique Dosember merch design for t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more. We use the profit from those sales to do something nice inside our little PC-Retro Twitch community. This year we raised a little more than $700, by far the largest amount to date, thanks to the many excited Dosemberists who joined this year. This influx of amazing people came with a new challenge as we reached 172 participants. One person could no longer watch every participant, listening for people’s holiday hardware wishes and keeping track of everyone who had just become affiliated or were becoming affiliated during the month… and then be a streamer themselves. So we created a small anonymous team of some of the most invested people in the community we could find to help keep track of all this information and we are happy to say it was a job well done by everyone!

Now that the surprise has been sprung on each person we chose, we are happy to publicly present them to you along with clips for anyone who missed these wonderful moments.


Sakkra_ subbomb and hypetrain! x_x  is the OFFICIAL CHEERLEADER of Dosember since last year and is now the discord’s fearless mod. We’ve been pretending she was disqualified from this but after seeing all the work she does around here and how her return to streaming has taken off we couldn't not include her.


SecretsOfTheForgotten aka KunoNoOni subbomb and hypetrain! x_x who you may know in your chats as KunoNoOni has also been very active and supportive to many of this month.


RetroUnderBelly We broke KunoNoOni with subs a relatively new streamer who has quickly found a home in the community and become a hugely supportive member.


Descentmax9730 happy dosember to dmax After 5+ years of streaming for fun he has qualified for affiliate and is thinking about taking it to the next level.


BloodyCactus the final Dosember 2023 affiliate sub bomb A long time friend to the retro community.


Each of these amazing community members were participating in this year’s Dosember event when they became eligible for Twitch Affiliate. They were awarded 35 Gift Subs each, reached a Level 7 hype train, opened up new Twitch emote slots, and crossed the threshold for their first Twitch payout.

For transparency, the remaining $30 will be put into domain and hosting fees. Any money past that will be donated on our behalf into the Save&Raid Suicide prevention multistream charity event this coming February. You can learn more about that at Home - Save&Raid ( (Applications for this event are open for a week or so more, if you want to be involved as a participating streamer!)

We are only days away from the end of this year’s event but there is still so much more happening before Dosember 31st! Many participants will be putting up their very best final streams of the event and the year and there are still 3 Dosember Cup Events such as a Skyroads Live Race being hosted by FractalMindMike and Doom Deathmatch event hosted by captainpeelcard! You can learn more here DOSember Cup Official Events - Dosember